A ZADA Network Member

Verifiable Credentials with ZADA

As a member of the ZADA ecosystem, we can provide digitally verifiable credentials to all our students and their parents! Decentralised credentials that you control and decide who you want to share with!

  • As a student, you will receive a MakerXStudent ID
  • As a parent, you will receive a MakerXParent ID
  • For each event you register to, you will receive an Event Confirmation that can easily be scanned when you arrive
  • After each attended program or activity, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance so you can keep building your extracurricular portfolio

These are just some examples of how we will leverage ZADA to streamline and improve processes and student/parent experiences.

How it works?


ZADA is driven to ensure personal data can be exchanged in a safe way without risk for fraud or privacy intrusion and we are proud of being part of this Open and Decentralised Ecosystem.


Opening in July 2024!


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